Hey, everyone! It’s been a busy day of ripping and running with my favorite boy. We went to the gym, bought books at Books-A-Million and then headed home to change clothes. Nick said he wanted to have a big burger lunch, so we enjoyed just that at the Burger Joint in Columbia, and from there went to the mall. I had no intention of shopping today, but interest was piqued after spotting this tapered denim with suspenders situation at H&M. The plan was to stop by for a quick carousel ride, and visit to the play area – which happened to be outside of the H&M. So it only made sense that I peek in, right?


Screenshot 2016-01-16 16.13.17

Since the fit is slim on these jeans, we’d go up a size to 4-5Y, which unfortunately they didn’t have. :-(. H&M will place orders for you in- store, but the staff is always overwhelmed on the weekends, so I decided to come home and order them, only to discover they aren’t even listed on the site *heavy sigh*. I’ll just have to go back to the store during the week. H&M currently has a great selection of pants and jeans in-store (much better than online, surprisingly) – starting at $9.99, so you should definitely pay them a visit. Wish me luck in hunting these jeans down!