One thing motherhood’s taught me is that our time and schedules are completely dictated by our children. I was anticipating a busy, pleasant day. A lunch date at noon, pitching and follow-ups and conference calls from 2-4. I dropped PRince Nick off at school around 8:15am, and headed home to get my day started. By 9:09am, the school was calling, asking me to pick Nick up due to suspected ringworm. *audible gasp*. I have no experience with Ringworm, Lice, Scabies, Hand, Foot and Mouth disease, or any of the other communicable diseases (preschool aged) children love to come home with.

I did, however, notice a weird bruise on his forehead on Monday. I asked Nick if he’d fallen down, and he said he had, but the bruise didn’t hurt. I left it at that, because Nick is truly accident prone. Never once did it cross my mind that he’d contracted something.

Just that fast my entire day changed. Lunch cancelled. Business pending. I was back in the car, and Googling disgusting, flesh-eating bacteria ringworm. Nick’s pediatrician is in Columbia, but thankfully, Kinder Mender – the best pediatric walk-in center ever – has a location down the street from our home. I love Kinder Mender’s Thomas the Train setup, walk in hours and non-existent wait time. He was checked out, and confirmed to have the fungal infection. *faints*

Screenshot 2016-01-06 13.50.20

Photo Jan 06, 9 22 40 AM

Nick explaining to the dr what happened. “I hurt my head.”

Screenshot 2016-01-06 13.47.42

Headed out, but he stopped to play with the cars first.

We don’t do too much style-wise during the week, since Nick is required to wear uniforms. He’s wearing Urban Republic’s cool, faux leather jacket from Target. It’s more for fashion than warmth, but he’s layered underneath.

Screenshot 2016-01-06 13.30.17


Yea, so, lunch is rescheduled, and conference calls pending. Not sure that I want to conduct business over the phone with Nick in the background chanting my name like Stewie.

So, what is Ringworm?

As I said, I knew nothing about ringworm prior to this morning. Sure, I’ve heard of it, and I know that children are susceptible to it, but have never known anyone personally with it.

Via Babycenter UK:

Ringworm is a contagious fungal infection of the skin that appears as a ring-like rash. It has nothing to do with worms. Ringworm can be itchy, but it’s not painful or dangerous. It’s the same fungus that causes athlete’s foot, and is common in children.

How the hell do you catch ringworm???

I was grossed out, and ready to bleach and launder my entire house. When/how did Nick catch Ringworm? He’s been out of school since 12.29, and didn’t go to church on Sunday, so he had no contact with any other children. Babycenter UK says:

The ringworm fungus would have entered your child’s body through broken skin, perhaps through a cut or scratch, or a patch of eczema. This is likely to have happened though direct contact with an infected person or pet, or from touching contaminated sheets, towels, toys, or clothes…may also have got it from infected soil if she was playing in the garden or park.

Scalp ringworm is most likely to have been passed to your child from another person, from sharing a hairbrush, hat, bedclothes, or towel. Shared public facilities, such as swimming pools, or changing room showers, are also potential sources of ringworm infection.

The doctor gave us cream and a sticker, and we were out the door. Meanwhile, I’m still baffled, trying to pinpoint where this came from. Hmmm, no cuts scrapes or bruises. Where’d he go this weekend??? Then I recalled where he spent Saturday AND Sunday afternoon: at that damn germ-ridden Chuck E Cheese with Dad. I HATE CEC. It’s filled with snotty nosed, unsupervised, sick children touching everything and each other. Ringworm mystery solved. If you ever notice any random spots or lesions on your children, check them out. I’m so grateful that his teachers are observant!

I was slightly disappointed by the change of plans, but the bright spot is Nick is otherwise healthy and happy. I was able to pick him up, have him seen and treated and adjusted my schedule with no worries. #WAHMomWin

So in between today’s work and calls, there’ll be workbooks and bleach. And laundry. I’m washing everything we own.